Square or Chamfered Decking Balustrade

Contemporary looking square or chamfered decking spindles with square newel posts and rails. All products are supplied pressure treated to withstand the British weather so a finishing coat of presservative will need to be applied either before or after installation, this will give added protection and a uniform colour.

Square or Stop Chamfered Decking Newel Posts

Designed to be secured to the decking joists before deck boards are laid, or side fixed to the deck if boards have already been installed. Square Decking Newel Posts are supplied with either a Chamfered and Beaded top so there is no need for newel post caps or supplied with a square top ready for a cap or left flat. Select your design and then your post length from the product images below.

Square or Stop Chamfered Decking Spindles

Square or Stop chamfered decking Spindles are supplied 41mm x 41mm square section and 895mm long. These are designed to be cut to size during instalation, remember to treat all cuts during installation to prolong the life of your deck. Spindles are either screwed into the Hand & Base Rail or secured between fillet strip. Select the spindle design you like from the images below

Decking Hand & Base Rail

Blueprint Joinery offer two types of decking handrail for you to chose from. Both types are used as either the hand or base rail just select the profile you like from the images below
41mm square decking spindles
Plain Square Decking Spindle 41mm x 41mm x 895mm
Price 1.25
(Inc VAT 1.50)
41mm stop chamfered decking spindles
Stop Chamfered Softwood Decking Spindle 41mm x 895mm
Price 1.21
(Inc VAT 1.45)
softwood decking handrail and base rail
Used as either the Hand or Base Rail. Select either 1800mm or 2400mm
Price 7.50
(Inc VAT 9.00)
2 part decking handrail or base rail
2 Part Hand Rail system. Select 1800mm or 2400mm lengths
Price 4.58
(Inc VAT 5.50)
decking handrail fixing kits (2 pack)
Connects the handrail to the newel post. Pack contains fixings for both ends of 1 rail
Price 6.25
(Inc VAT 7.50)
softwood square decking newel posts 1250mm
Plain Square Decking Newel Post 83mm x 83mm x 1250mm
Price 8.17
(Inc VAT 9.80)
stop chamfer decking kits
Availability: In Stock
Model: Softwood Decking Kits
Manufacturer: Cheshire
Price 65.58
(Inc VAT 78.70)
chamfer & beaded decking newel posts
Select either 1250mm 1500mm or 2400mm Lengths Softwood Square Newel Post with Chamfered and Beaded
Price 9.75
(Inc VAT 11.70)